DABC/Summit County Single Event Permit

A DABC Single Event License allows the sale of alcohol for consumption at a special event in open containers not to exceed one liter. Approval is required for each event.

Required Material

  • Event Information, dates, times, and location
  • DABC Local Consent Form
  • Scaled 8.5" x 11" Floor Plan of single event premises highlighting alcohol sales, storage, and consumption areas

Fees based on event type*:

  • Single Event (alcohol or wine): $125
  • Temporary Beer Event 1-5 days: $125
  • Temporary Beer Event 6+ days: $300

*Fee is paid after applications are reviewed

Start Your Application

  • Contact the DABC 801.977.6800, review their licensing requirements and get on their agenda
  • Obtain a local consent form from the DABC. You will be asked to upload this from during the application process.
  • Each Single Event License requires consent from all applicable County Departments.


Start Application