Summit County Business License

A Summit County Business license is required if you are starting, buying, operating or conducting business within the unincorporated areas of Summit County. Getting a license normally takes 5-10 business days from the time the application is submitted until the approval process is completed.

License Types

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In-Home License Guide
Commercial License Guide
Nightly Rental License Guide
Solicitor Permit Guide
  • In-home Business - $75 Generally, an in-home business refers to all for-profit activity administered or conducted from a residence within the County.
  • Commercial License - $200 A commercial business is any for-profit activity that is not an in-home business. Alcohol also requires a Beer License.
  • Nightly Rental License - $200 Nightly Rental Licenses are required of both the owner of a property that is rented out on a short-term basis (less than 28 days) and any individual or company that manages properties that are rented out on short-term basis.
  • Solicitor Permit - $200 Solicitor's Permit is required for any individual, company, organization, or entity that is soliciting within the unincorporated areas Summit County. Each individual city may have their own licensing and regulations that must be followed. All solicitors that fail to obtain a Solicitor's Permit are subject to incarceration.

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