About Summit County Licensing

Here are some links to commonly used resources at the local, state, and federal level.

Local Government
Coalville City 435-336-5981
Francis City 435-783-6236
Henefer Town 435-336-5365
Kamas City 435-783-4630
Oakley City 435-783-5734
Park City 435-615-5184
Federal Government
Employers Tax ID 801-297-2200
Internal Revenue Service 801-829-1040
Better Business Bureau 801-487-4656
Department of Labor 801-525-5706

Utah State Government
Business Name Registration 1-877-526-3994
Professional Licensing 801-530-6628
State Tax Commission 801-297-2200
Division of Consumer Protection 801-530-6601
Worker's Compensation Fund 801-288-8000
Division of Labor 801-530-6801
Division of Alcoholic Beverages 801-977-6800
Motor Vehicle Division 801-297-2600
Child Care Unit 801-538-9299
State Bureau of Investigation 801-965-4445